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Frequently asked questions

Employee Engagement quizzes are a fun and interactive way to foster team cohesion and build stronger relationships within your organization. Employees receive a social question to answer each week, such as “What’s the most interesting fact colleagues don’t know about you?” Their responses are then used to create quizzes where participants need to match the answers with their colleagues. Each quiz contains a question, the given answer, and four colleague names to choose from, challenging employees to learn more about their coworkers in a playful and engaging way. 

The frequency of Employee Engagement quizzes can be determined by you. While employees receive a social question to answer once a week, you have the flexibility to hold quizzes as often as you’d like.   

Employee Engagement quizzes offer a fun and engaging way to strengthen social bonds within your organization, contributing to a positive and collaborative work environment. Strong social connections among team members can improve communication, enhance morale, and increase job satisfaction. By participating in these quizzes, employees can learn more about their colleagues, break down silos, and foster a sense of belonging and unity. This not only helps reduce workplace conflicts and improve employee retention but also creates a more inclusive and vibrant work culture. 

Absolutely! Employee Engagement quizzes can be integrated into your microlearning strategy to create a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience. By mixing quizzes with microlearning lessons, you can encourage active participation, reinforce key concepts, and foster a culture of continuous learning. Combining fun quizzes with educational content can make learning more interactive and memorable for your employees. 

Employee Engagement quizzes are free forever, with no limitations. We believe in the importance of building strong social bonds within the workplace and are committed to providing this valuable tool at no cost to companies. Enjoy unlimited access to Employee Engagement quizzes and experience the benefits of a more connected and engaged team. 

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“Intervy is a straightforward app that doesn’t require complicated implementation. At the same time, Intervy is always available and can help us to get to know our colleagues better, as well as learn something new. The solution also has gamification options that ensure more fun and provide the motivation to continue!”​
Laima Busa
Labour Protection Specialist, Vesels Birojs
“Intervy has increased engagement among our colleagues, giving them a much needed spark during workdays and creating a sense of camaraderie, even when most of us are working remotely.”
Kristine Saurina
Head of the IT Division, VK Tranzīts
“Intervy is a tolerant and non-intrusive way to improve human relations in the workplace. In addition, it is a very flexible and adaptable tool for the specifics and needs of each organization.”
Baiba Gibnere
Head Of Human Resources, dots.
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