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Utilize communication skills quizzes on Microsoft Teams to equip employees with engaging communication training, bolstering their conversational skills and productivity levels.

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Enhanced Employee Communication

Intervy fosters seamless interactions, ensuring clear and efficient communication among staff, bolstering teamwork and understanding.

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Dive into a platform that keeps employees connected and motivated. With Intervy, inspire genuine enthusiasm and active participation.

Boosted Operational Productivity

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with Intervy. Propel your team’s output and achieve more in less time, driving tangible results.

Augmented Awareness Among Employees

Intervy is always there to guide your team, making sure everyone stays in the loop and excited about every task they tackle.

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With just a few clicks, you can integrate Intervy’s powerful features directly into your workflow. Only employees in the given channel will receive communication skills quizzes.

3. Schedule Effective Communication Quizzes: Choose Days for Employee Interaction

Set up the frequency of days & times when employees will receive communication skills quizzes.

4. Empower Your Team with Effective Communication Quizzes

Employees receive communication skills quizzes in Microsoft Teams.

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Why choose Intervy for your team

Experience simplicity at its best with Intervy—easy to use for both employees and managers, allowing you to start utilizing its features in no time.

Employee learning & development
Strengthen employee knowledge step-by-step
Custom microlearning courses
Intervy is not limited to cybersecurity training; it covers a wide range of essential topics as well.
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Users can enjoy a hassle-free experience as Intervy is seamlessly integrated within Microsoft Teams, requiring no additional tools.

Frequently asked questions

The Effective Communication course covers a wide range of topics, including communication styles, active listening, non-verbal communication, giving and receiving feedback, and strategies for effective written and verbal communication. The course also provides tips and techniques for adapting your communication style to different situations and audiences. 

The Effective Communication course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills, whether it’s in a professional or personal setting. It’s suitable for employees at all levels of an organization, including managers, team leaders, and individual contributors. 

The course is structured into short, engaging lessons that explore various communication concepts and techniques. Each lesson is designed to be easily digestible and includes practical examples, tips, and exercises to reinforce learning. 

Absolutely! Intervy allows you to customize the Effective Communication course to align with your organization’s unique communication challenges and goals. You can integrate your company’s communication guidelines, scenarios, and examples to make the training more relatable and effective for your employees. 

Yes, the Effective Communication course is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Employees can access the course anytime, anywhere, making it easy for them to learn at their own pace and convenience. 

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“Intervy offers an excellent opportunity for employees to engage and continuously improve their knowledge of cyber security. Refreshing and improving employees’ skills and awareness is an essential need for every organisation.”
Imants Zilvinskis
Head of Information Technology Department Daugavpils City Education Board
“Intervy has increased engagement among our colleagues, giving them a much needed spark during workdays and creating a sense of camaraderie, even when most of us are working remotely.”
Kristine Saurina
Head of the IT Division, VK Tranzīts
“Intervy ensures an enhanced level of organisation’s cyber security by offering a quick and effective way to test employees’ knowledge and promote skill development in a fun and interactive way.”
Rinalds Rudzitis
Head of Digital Skola2030
Communication Skills

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