Move Towards More Effective Meetings In The Workplace

Use interactive quizzes inside Microsoft Teams to provide employees with practical advice on how they can help to improve meeting effectiveness.

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Improve company meeting culture with effective meetings

Improved meeting effectiveness

Engaged remote workers

Employees get more done

Increased employee awareness

How it works

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1. Download Intervy by visiting Microsoft’s official app store

2. Add Intervy to a chosen Microsoft Teams channel*

3. Set up the frequency of days & times when employees will receive effective meetings quizzes

4. Employees receive effective meeting quizzes

*Only employees in the given channel will receive effective meetings quizzes.

Employees will receive tips on:

social connections

6 more reasons to use Intervy

Free version available​

Use "Socialization" package for free

Custom content quizzes

For anything necessary, not just effective meetings training

No new tools

Intervy lives inside
Microsoft Teams


Strengthen employee knowledge step-by-step

Easy to set up

Start using Intervy in 5 minutes

Simplicity at it's best

Easy to use for employees and managers

User testimonials


Laima Buša, Labour Protection Specialist, Vesels Birojs

"Intervy is a straightforward app and it doesn’t require complicated implementation. At the same time, Intervy is always next to us and can help us to know better colleagues and to learn something new. The solution also has gamification options: for more fun and motivation to continue!"


Kristine Saurina, Head of the IT Division, VK Tranzīts

"Intervy has increased engagement among colleagues, giving them a necessary spark during workdays and creating a sense of camaraderie, even when most of us are working remotely."


Baiba Gibnere, Head Of Human Resources, dots.

"Intervy is a tolerant and non-intrusive way to improve human relations in the workplace. In addition, it is a very flexible and adaptable tool for the specifics and needs of each organization."

"Help our own colleagues stay in touch"

Both inside teams and between them

Intervy came to life in 2021, when work restrictions hit us hard creating an unprecedented pressure to both employees and human resource managers.

So, at that time, we started looking for an effective way to help our own colleagues stay in touch with others, both inside teams or departments and between them.

We wanted to create something that everyone would use and wouldn’t take up much time from our friends at Human Resources.

And based on these factors, Intervy came to life.

After almost a year or trial and error, 92% of employees (outside our company) still continues to use Intervy!

And what we hear from them is that Intervy also becomes as a much needed “spark” during the workdays, just like a cup of coffee or a good chat with a friend.

By seeing your colleague life experiences, recipes, funny answers, “imagine if” scenarios, you’re more engaged in the organization and get to know the human side of your colleagues. 

Everyone likes to share their opinions, their life experiences, and see what others say as well. It’s embedded in us as human beings.

Try it for yourself in 5 minutes

Add Intervy to a new or existing Microsoft Teams channel

Kristaps Vergins
Customer Success Manager

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