Identifying the Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

To set the stage for driving employee engagement, it’s crucial first to identify the key factors of employee engagement. Several critical components have been identified through extensive research and practice. Recognition and Appreciation Recognition and appreciation top the list as the most significant factors influencing employee engagement. A simple ‘thank you’ or an acknowledgment of […]

What is End User Security Training and Why You Should Consider it for Your Company

As businesses continue to rely on digital technologies, ensuring the safety and security of sensitive information has become a top priority. One crucial aspect of protecting your organization from cyber threats is end user security training. This article will delve into what end user security training entails and why it’s vital for your company’s overall […]

How to Hold Phishing Awareness Training for Your Employees and What to Include

Phishing attacks are a significant threat to organizations, as they can lead to data breaches, financial losses, and damage to a company’s reputation. To effectively combat these threats, it’s essential to provide phishing training for employees. In this blog post, we’ll discuss best practices for conducting phishing awareness training and the essential topics to cover […]

Cybersecurity Questionnaire for Employees

cybersecurity questionnaire

Cybersecurity has become a major issue for many companies. Due to this, it is vital that you ensure your employees are practicing the latest cybersecurity protocols and following best practices. One of the ways to do this is by conducting an annual cyber security questionnaire for your employees. This blog will show you some cyber security questionnaire questions that can be included in your questionnaire or interview process.

Inexpensive Employee Engagement Ideas

inexpensive employee engagement ideas

Employee engagement is your ability to motivate, reward and keep employees enthused about their jobs. When you’re looking at how to engage your employees and build enthusiasm, there are many solutions around. However, if you want to do it affordably, you have to be creative.

Employee engagement trends for 2023

employee engagement trends 2023

The best way to keep employees engaged and productive is through a good employee engagement strategy. So, we’ll be exploring the latest trends in employee engagement, how they might affect future workers, and what companies can do now to stay ahead of the curve.

What is microlearning?


Microlearning is a trending topic for the last few years. There are many reasons for that, but most people agree on one thing: it works. Companies have found out how useful microlearning is in helping their employees understand concepts and get better with their responsibilities.

Why employee engagement apps are a scam?

employee engagement

There’s no denying that employee engagement is an important part of any company. But what about these employee engagement applications that have been here for a while?