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Intervy Enterprise: Your Gateway to Intelligent, Instant Knowledge Access

Harness the Power of AI to Fuel a Seamless Information Retrieval Journey on MS Teams

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Intervy Enterprise is not just a virtual assistant—it’s your AI-powered knowledge companion seamlessly integrated with MS Teams, making real-time, intelligent access to organizational information as simple as typing a query.
Instant Knowledge Retrieval

Just ask, and Intervy will dive deep into your knowledge base, fetching the needed information from Word, PDF documents, and other data sources, instantly.

Seamless MS Teams Integration

Experience unparalleled ease as Intervy’s virtual assistant operates smoothly within MS Teams, bringing data accessibility right to your fingertips.

Customizable Knowledge Base

Effortlessly add Word and PDF documents, along with other data sources, to create a rich knowledge base tailored to your organizational needs.

Real-Time Performance Analytics
Gauge the virtual assistant's performance and gather insightful analytics in real-time, ensuring an always-optimized, always-informed data retrieval process.
Bespoke Business Adaptation

Mold Intervy to fit your company’s goals and style, with the flexibility to adapt to your unique workflows and system integrations.

How it works?

At Intervy Enterprise, we place utmost importance on data privacy and security. Our solution is fully compliant with Microsoft Azure’s strict data privacy standards and regulations. It is designed to deploy directly onto your own infrastructure, ensuring you have complete control and security over your data.

With Intervy Enterprise, you have the flexibility to manage the system entirely in-house, or you can opt to securely outsource its management to us. In either case, Intervy Enterprise remains within your Azure tenant, providing a secure and reliable environment for your operations.


Boosted Productivity

Minimize the time spent in information retrieval and maximize efficiency as Intervy reshapes how your team interacts with organizational knowledge.

Robust Data Privacy and Security

Enjoy peace of mind with stringent data privacy standards and deployment to your infrastructure that ensures your data remains secure and under control.

Enhanced Decision-Making

With real-time analytics, stay ahead in making informed decisions that steer your business towards its goals.

Frequently asked questions

Intervy Enterprise seamlessly integrates with MS Teams, providing a user-friendly interface for real-time interactions. Through MS Teams, you can access the virtual assistant to effortlessly retrieve information from your organizational knowledge base, enhancing your data accessibility.

You can easily add a variety of documents including Word and PDF files, among other data sources, to your Intervy knowledge base. Additionally, integration of other sources like webpages, intranet sites, etc., is possible, enabling your organization to create a comprehensive repository of information accessible through the Intervy virtual assistant.

Intervy Enterprise adheres to Microsoft Azure’s stringent data privacy standards and regulations. By deploying directly onto your own infrastructure, we ensure that your data never leaves your perimeter, providing you with complete control and security. Moreover, there’s no data retention; your company’s queries or any personal data from the text you provide are not stored and do not leave your company’s infrastructure.

Real-time analytics on the virtual assistant’s performance can be gathered, providing insights into usage patterns, response times, and the accuracy of information retrieval. These analytics are instrumental in continually optimizing the virtual assistant to better meet your organizational needs and goals.

Intervy Enterprise offers the capability to add custom modules that can enhance efficiency in alignment with your company-specific business processes. These custom modules provide a tailored solution, ensuring that Intervy Enterprise seamlessly adapts to your organizational landscape, thereby aiding in the realization of your business objectives and improving operational efficiencies.

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Experience simplicity at its best with Intervy—easy to use for both employees and managers, allowing you to start utilizing its features in no time.

“Intervy offers an excellent opportunity for employees to engage and continuously improve their knowledge of cyber security. Refreshing and improving employees’ skills and awareness is an essential need for every organisation.”
Imants Zilvinskis
Head of Information Technology Department Daugavpils City Education Board
“Intervy has increased engagement among our colleagues, giving them a much needed spark during workdays and creating a sense of camaraderie, even when most of us are working remotely.”
Kristine Saurina
Head of the IT Division, VK Tranzīts
“Intervy ensures an enhanced level of organisation’s cyber security by offering a quick and effective way to test employees’ knowledge and promote skill development in a fun and interactive way.”
Rinalds Rudzitis
Head of Digital Skola2030
AI Assistant for your Docs

Boost Productivity with Intervy

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