Transform Employee Engagement and Knowledge Retention with Microlearning

Intervy is an AI virtual assistant for Microsoft Teams that helps to Empower Your Team with a Personalized Learning Experience

With Intervy, managers have access to analytics on employee engagement and knowledge trends that help them understand the impact of training and identify areas for improvement.

Intervy is ideal for busy professionals who want to continuously improve their skills and advance their careers.

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Engage hybrid and fully remote teams


Encourage employee social connections​

Boost employee participation​

Blend microlearning into social interactions​

Improve social bonds in your organization

Answer a weekly question about yourself.

employee engagement quiz
employee engagement quiz answer

Receive an engaging daily quiz

Earn points and compete in monthly leaderboard

Combine employee engagement quizzes with educational company content

Use ready to go microlearning content or create your own



Laima Buša, Labour Protection Specialist, Vesels Birojs

"Intervy is a straightforward app and it doesn’t require complicated implementation. At the same time, Intervy is always next to us and can help us to know better colleagues and to learn something new. The solution also has gamification options: for more fun and motivation to continue!"


Kristine Saurina, Head of the IT Division, VK Tranzīts

"Intervy has increased engagement among colleagues, giving them a necessary spark during workdays and creating a sense of camaraderie, even when most of us are working remotely."


Baiba Gibnere, Head Of Human Resources, dots.

"Intervy is a tolerant and non-intrusive way to improve human relations in the workplace. In addition, it is a very flexible and adaptable tool for the specifics and needs of each organization."

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Kristaps Vergins
Customer Success Manager

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