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Streamlined Learning

Incorporate learning naturally into your workflow, eliminating the need for platform switching

Amplified Engagement and Retention

With our engaging and customized content, we ensure higher employee engagement and superior knowledge retention

Swift Course Creation

Save precious time for managers and L&D teams in creating effective and impactful microlearning courses

Top-Notch Content

Guaranteed high-quality, relevant content, meticulously curated by industry experts

Informed Decision-Making

Empower managers with data-driven insights for fostering a culture of continuous learning


AI Assistant

AI Assistant

Transform your Microsoft Teams into a dynamic learning hub with Intervy

Personalized Learning

Leveraging AI to deliver uniquely tailored and captivating content for every employee

Easy Course Creation

With just a .doc or .pdf, create compelling microlearning courses in an instant using advanced AI technology

Expert-Curated Courses

Gain access to a treasure trove of expert-crafted microlearning courses on critical topics such as cybersecurity and employee wellness

Data-Driven Insights

Equip managers with powerful insights to identify learning gaps and strategically enhance learning pathways

Explore Micro-Learning Courses on Microsoft Teams with Intervy

Maximize Collaboration with Employee Engagement Quizzes​
AI-Powered Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees
Enhance employee wellness with Well-Being quizzes
Elevate Your Office Interactions Using Communication Skills Quizzes
Embrace Effective Meetings Training for a More Productive Workplace

Frequently asked questions

Microlearning is a method of delivering content in small, manageable units to facilitate better understanding and retention. It’s important because it fits well with busy schedules and helps maintain engagement levels.

Absolutely! Intervy allows for easy course creation. Just upload a .doc or .pdf  file, and our AI will generate a microlearning course within seconds.

Intervy can significantly enhance employee engagement, knowledge retention, and overall productivity. It also provides managers with actionable insights to identify learning gaps and tailor learning paths.

Intervy covers a wide range of essential topics such as cybersecurity, employee well-being, effective communication, and more. Plus, you can create your own courses based on your organization’s specific needs.

Integrating Intervy with Microsoft Teams is a straightforward process. Follow the steps in the setup video on Vimeo ↗ to set up your Intervy account️ in Microsoft Teams.

We have a dedicated support team ready to assist you at all times. If you would like to contact them, please email

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